A training project aimed at improving the skill set and employability of workers in Bangladesh has been granted US$79m in funding by the World Bank.

The Skills and Training Enhancement Project (Step) is designed to strengthen public and private training institutions in the country, improving the abilities of workers who support Bangladesh’s vital garment industry in particular.

The recent rapid growth of industries such as the garment trade, along with the increased participation of women and young people in the workforce, has put education and training institutions under growing pressure.

Now the World Bank says that meeting the demand for training by improving the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system will help increase Bangladesh’s international competitiveness.

“An increasingly skilled labour force will be needed to accelerate economic growth in Bangladesh,” said Ellen Goldstein, World Bank country director for Bangladesh.

“Enhancing vocational training will increase employability, allow workers to command higher wages in international markets, and allow for greater diversification and value-added in export production.”