Blockchain platform SophiaTX has launched a Blockchain Academy, designed to provide business professionals with the know-how to transform companies.

Launched in October 2017 in a joint venture between Swiss blockchain content distribution platform Decent, and independent SAP advisory firm Venaco Group, SophiaTX is claimed to be the first open source platform ever to primarily integrate blockchain technology with SAP, allowing both users and integrators to use blockchain.

A blockchain is a secure digital ledger that enables companies to transfer assets across the internet with increased speed and reduced interference. The technology can create a unique digital record that verifies, tracks and traces each step of the process, without the need for software. Combined with “smart contracts,” it has powerful implications for global trade with cross-border settlement and instantaneous transfer of currency or other assets.

By joining the SophiaTX Academy, participants will be able to explore clear-cut blockchain use-cases and learn why blockchain technology offers greater efficiency and higher reliability of information in complex supply chains. They will also learn how to recognise new uses cases and operate this technology independently.

“SophiaTX Academy will help inject business professionals with relevant ideas and blockchain know-how that they can take away and use to reshape business models worldwide,” says Jaroslav Kacina, CEO of SophiaTX. “Coming from many years of experience in large companies, we understand the business requirements. We don’t believe in Blockchain because of Blockchain, but because we know business can benefit greatly from solutions and efficiency created using this technology.”

In order to accommodate different audiences and offer knowledge tailored to the needs of each, SophiaTX Academy will operate specialised blockchain courses tailored for executives, SAP and IT professionals, project managers, along with anyone else wishing to participate.

The first SophiaTX Academy courses are scheduled already in February. The company currently offers classes delivered on-site in the Bratislava, Slovakia, and Baden, Switzerland, offices.