Switzerland-based Bluesign is extending its System Partnership services and launching new Data Services and Impact Services for brands and manufacturers.

These tiered service packages provide expanded capabilities that enable brands to actively monitor and manage their supply chain through Bluesign verified impact data, covering the critical measures of water consumption, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, chemical consumption, and waste.

Data Services allow brands and manufacturers to access data from its unique supply chain and give a snapshot of their impact.

While through the Impact Service package, companies are provided this data plus a foundational assessment of its overall performance and detailed analysis of its suppliers.

The new initiatives expand Bluesign’s core competencies of reducing impact across the supply chain, providing reliable, third-party verified data, mitigating the use of hazardous chemicals through input stream management and replacing substances with Bluesign Approved chemistry.

The new tiered packages will allow companies to incrementally implement Bluesign’s services with the ultimate goal of attaining full System Partnership which includes company-specific action plans. At all service levels, a yearly impact report or dashboard is provided; access to this data enables accurate analysis for decision-making and reporting both internally and externally, Bluesign says. 

“Over Bluesign’s 20-year history, the company has provided unprecedented leadership in eliminating hazardous chemicals and creating unique roadmaps for its System Partners to continually improve its processes,” says Bluesign CEO, Daniel Rufenacht. “The deadline to reach carbon neutrality and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is fast-approaching. And Bluesign’s new vision and strategy will help to accelerate progress in reducing impact.  

“Our focus over the last year has been on expanding our expertise to accelerate towards producing more responsibly without compromising on quality and performance. We also call on companies outside of the textile and apparel industry to incrementally clean up their practices by sourcing their custom corporate clothing from Bluesign System Partners.” 

Last month, Bluesign partnered with Sustainable Chemistry for the Textile Industry (SCTI) to develop a “first of its kind” sustainable chemistry index for stakeholders.