Bold Metrics, the developer of algorithmic body measurement prediction technology, has added a new tool that allows apparel brands to take a more data-driven approach when designing clothes and ready-to-wear sizing.

Apparel Insights (BMI AI) enables apparel brands to algorithmically obtain detailed body measurements of their shoppers, and leverage this data upstream to curate AI-driven product decisions around sizing and fit.

The tool taps in to a foundational shift taking place when it comes to how clothes are being made and how size is communicated and understood by consumers.

At the core of this change is a departure from the traditional “fit model” approach and a move towards garment design informed by a brand’s actual customer body data.

As Bold Metrics explains, historically, brands guessed who their customers were and how customers with different body shapes, sizes, and ages interacted with and purchased their clothes. But as online shopping has moved from stores to e-commerce, customers are changing brands, styles and fits faster than ever before, leaving brands disconnected from their actual customers.

“The way clothes are made today involves a lot of assumptions and relies on insights gathered from fit models, which in most cases is an anecdotal approach to assess apparel sizing and fit,” says Daina Burnes, co-founder and CEO of Bold Metrics. “We see the opportunity to fundamentally change the way clothes are made by using real customer data rather than assumptions and fit models.”

Morgan Linton, co-founder and COO of Bold Metrics, adds: “The reality is that we’re still living in a world where clothes are made using a process that was developed over 100 years ago. We’ve developed a highly-scalable approach to enable brands to gain access to the body measurements of their shoppers, algorithmically, which means they can stop guessing who is buying their clothes and start making clothes for their actual customer.”