UK online fashion retailer Boohoo has partnered with German inspection services group TÜV Rheinland on the new facility which is located in its Manchester head office and will allow for fast, efficient, and cost-effective in-house garment testing.

Boohoo claims to be one of only two retailers in the UK to invest in facilities of this kind and says the benefits will include increased transparency, decreased supplier workload, reduced costs, increased speed and agility, education support both internal and external and, most importantly, driving improvements in quality, consistency and customer experience.

It adds the Laboratory also supports its sustainability goals and the targets for implementing more sustainable fabrics into garments.

Boohoo has started to buy fabric directly from textile mills and notes the Lab will allow for these fabrics to be tested on quality and durability, so it and consumers can “be more confident around the longevity of the fabrics.”

Looking to the future, the Lab will also support Boohoo’s commitment to the Microfibre Consortium around microfibre shedding in garments, as it will provide details of the performance of garments during washing.

Boohoo recently launched a new Supplier Hub system aimed at increasing resilience and control, which was announced as part of the final report under the Boohoo Agenda for Change (A4C) programme conducted by Sir Brian Leveson.