3D design and development software specialist Browzwear has added Sketchfab’s 3D Viewer to its latest product update so that its interactive 3D models can be viewed on any apparel web platform.

The new capabilities mean 3D garments can be exported from Browzwear’s VStitcher to Sketchfab’s embedded HTML 3D viewer. The development opens up new opportunities for apparel companies to showcase 3D garments across the web.

Available in Browzwear’s January product update, the capabilities are enabled by the addition of GL Transmission Format (glTFTM) compatibility, which enables 3D files to be imported and exported to different applications without loss of quality.

“In giving the apparel industry the most realistic, accurate 3D models, we’re enabling a future in which businesses produce fewer physical samples, yet sell more of them,” says Uri Tzadikevitch, VP of product at Browzwear. “Every tool we create in partnership with innovators like Sketchfab adds to our customers’ ability to increase creativity with efficiency, reduce waste and grow revenue. Combined, this leads to more sustainable businesses, both economically and ecologically.”