Calik Denim has partnered with blockchain technology provider Aware on a fully traceable capsule collection it says allows it to “guard the certification of its products.”

Made with fully traceable recycled materials, the collection includes four products and features Aware’s traceability technology that applies tracer particles to the raw recycled cotton and then uses blockchain to guarantee that the original recycled feedstock was used in the final product.

Aware’s tracer particles are added to the fibre pre-production. From this yarn that is made with recycled materials and tracer particles, Calik Denim creates a digital “twin” version, which includes properties like composition, colour, weight, and the original certification. This ‘digital twin’ is registered into a secure blockchain to be completely fraud-free. By adding tracers, every garment receives a unique fingerprint, and this can be easily read out with an easy-to-use scanner for authentication.

During the first phase, Calik Denim will focus on recycled cotton and recycled polyester, however it says the technology is applicable to all kind of sustainable materials. 

“Calik Denim aims to boost the use of recycled cotton in production processes to reduce its environmental impact. The use of such cotton saves great amount of water and preserves unspoiled nature by stopping new agricultural expansion. However, genuinely proving that the final garment is made with recycled material is getting harder every day,” the company says.

“The recycled materials travel between several locations and organisations. During this journey, the recycled material can easily be modified or tweaked. So, the original recycled material usage in end-product can be difficult to obtain. That is why the industry works with various certification methods and traceability becomes very important to prevent any greenwashing.”