Spanish fashion label Desigual and fashion brand Maitrepierre by Paris-based designer Alphonse Maitrepierre have joined forces to create an innovative and sustainable fashion piece, the Slim Midi Dress, featuring Naia Renew.

Naia Renew is a sustainable ingredient that is sourced from renewable wood pulp and hard-to-recycle waste materials, making it an ideal choice for fashion designers who are committed to sustainability.

Naia Renew is a cellulosic fibre that allows for the expression of creativity in sustainability, making it the perfect solution for designers who want to create stylish and sustainable garments.

Naia Renew was used in the creation of the Slim Midi Dress, which features a second-skin effect stretch fabric that is made with 91% Naia Renew.

The innovative solution that Naia Renew from Eastman created is designed to move in the direction of large-scale circularity for fashion. Naia Renew is produced from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified recycled waste materials. Naia Renew creates the same top-quality fabrics as traditional Naia fibres but with a reduced carbon footprint of nearly 35%, and it is available at scale.

The Naia promise to provide “Sustainable style your way” proved to be an important asset as part of this collection, which also includes organic cotton and certified materials and processes.

The collaboration between Desigual and Maitrepierre highlights the increasing demand for sustainable fashion and the role that innovative solutions like Naia Renew can play in meeting that demand.