Belgian chemicals firm Devan has been working with denim finishing technology specialist Jeanologia to reduce water consumption during the application of its Bi-ome antimicrobial and R-Vital skincare finishes.

With increased attention on climate change and the need to limit excess water consumption in textile production, the two companies have evaluated the application of Devan finishes onto garments via Jeanologia’s patented e-Flow technology, which can accomplish a considerable number of finishing effects with a minimal amount of water and zero discharge.

The technology uses micronisation and nebulisation to substitute the traditional abrasion process and deliver performance chemistry using nano-bubbles instead of water.

It reduces the cost of application, saves the amount of water used and ensures that the correct amount of chemistry stays in the garment and not in the water, the company claims. It also works with every industrial washing machine, allowing mills and brands to apply Devan’s technologies in a more sustainable way than using traditional application equipment, even for smaller production runs and direct onto garments.

“With the global textile production using 4% of the global freshwater withdrawal, we are continuously working on more sustainable solutions,” says Dr Vanessa Daelman, CTO at Devan. “Next to this, we of course highly value sustainable application methods from Jeanologia, like e-Flow, in order to reduce the excess water usage during textile application. We are delighted that we could work together with Jeanologia and establish that Devan technologies can be easily applied via these technologies onto garments or fabrics like denim and with full retention of functionality.

“This application method also allows post garment treatment of our finishes, for example an antimicrobial treatment onto already finished garments, which will be increasingly important in a more circular textile world where re-use plays an important role.”