As a global platform, the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) is committed to bringing integrity, supply security, and measurable social and environmental impact to organic cotton. It has welcomed Esprit, Soorty, and Insignian Home as its contributors.

The OCA says Esprit, Soorty, and Insignian Home’s support and investment as contributors will drive its farmer-centric programmes dedicated to improving the livelihoods of organic cotton farmers and those farmers that are transitioning to organic agriculture.

“This collaborative approach allows us to lay the foundations for future supply and tackle the growing demand for organic cotton as a raw material whilst positively impacting people and the planet. They join our growing base of dedicated organisations united to bring meaningful impact and change to the organic cotton sector,” the OCA says.

Believing that sustainable denim needs to be manufactured at scale, Soorty is using its comprehensive vertically integrated infrastructure spanning Pakistan, Turkey, and Bangladesh to do just that. The company offers LEED-certified production in Pakistan and Bangladesh, a co-creation development facility in Turkey, and design centres in the New York and Amsterdam.

The Soorty Organic Cotton Initiative (SOCI) is said to be one of the first private sector projects set up to facilitate a shift to a more ecologically and socially responsible cotton agronomy. Almost a thousand farmers from Naal will be transitioning to a “safer, organic method of producing cotton” through SOCI over the next four years.

“SOCI goes beyond just cultivating organic cotton. It is about uplifting the farming families of this deprived region through higher income, better schooling and access to professional health services. It’s about transforming the way cotton buying is conducted, by creating a blockchain-based transparent digital marketplace and traceability mechanism. This is our first foray into farming, and we’re excited by the possibilities in front of us,” says Asad Soorty, director at Soorty Enterprises.

The Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) 2020 report recently revealed it secured higher net profits for organic farmers in its Farm Programme for a third year, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Plus, premiums of over EUR1m were paid out to farmers directly on top of the market price.