Fast Retailing has signed off on a deal with Mercari, the owner of the Mercari market place app, which will enable the former products to be bought and sold on the Mercari marketplace, safely and more securely.

The Uniqlo and Gu owner said its brands are widely traded on the Mercari marketplace app. 

Under the Agreement, Fast Retailing and Mercari will closely cooperate to create an environment in which “all users can obtain the products they want, anyplace and anytime.” By sharing product and launch information beforehand, and at the time of release for special new products, issuing reminders to customers and taking measures to counter rights-infringing products, the two companies aim to avoid confusion for their customers, and establish a safer and more secure trading environment.

The Memorandum on Marketplace Co-Creation focuses on sharing product and information while bypassing potential rights infringements.

“Fast Retailing and Mercari, based on the agreement, will work to create a safer and more secure environment for customers to utilize products and services,” Fast Retailing said. “Going forward, Fast Retailing will cooperate with other marketplace providers to ensure a pleasant shopping environment for customers.”