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Furmark fur traceability and certification programme debuts

06 Sep 2021

Furmark, a certification and traceability system for fur has launched, which guarantees products are traceable, verified and meet recognised standards.

Furmark fur traceability and certification programme debuts

Products under Furmark certification have a unique alphanumeric label code that provides full traceability details (fur type; fur origin, animal welfare programme; manufacturer; and place of manufacture), ensuring consumers can buy natural fur with confidence.

Available globally and developed by the International Fur Federation (IFF), Furmark guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards. The sector, industry leaders, scientists, sustainability leads, and welfare experts have come together to agree a set of recognised standards—based on science, independent inspection, and transparency—and a global labelling regime that is set to modernise natural fur.

Furmark certification means consistent standards across the supply chain: it only incorporates wild or farm-raised natural fur from the leading animal welfare programmes (including the first animal welfare programme to be promoted through the European Commission’s Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation Initiative, WelFur) sold through the auction system.

Fully certified products must be processed by accredited dressers and dyers who meet the SafeFur Standard (covering sustainability, chemical usage, emissions, and product safety), which includes third-party testing. Furmark-certified products can only be manufactured by businesses that have passed due diligence checks conducted by brand protection and anti-counterfeiting experts. Each step of the process is recorded via a customer-accessible traceability component, ensuring transparency across the supply chain.

Each animal welfare and sustainability programme has a detailed, independently-developed, and science-based protocol or standard. The respective programmes are then subject to third-party assessment and certified by a recognised certification body. Strict, active enforcement is ensured via visits and assessments: those that do not meet standards are excluded from the certification programme and the Furmark system.

Mark Oaten, CEO, IFF, said: “This is a game changer: if people had doubts about buying or wearing natural fur, then they have been answered with Furmark.

“Our centuries-old trade is undergoing its most significant transformation to date; traceable, sustainable products represent the real alternative to ‘fast fashion’.”