The latest release of Gerber Technology’s AccuMark 3D pattern design platform can help cut lead times to just 48 hours while reducing material waste by as much as 40%, the firm says.

The February 2020 release covers the AccuMark, AccuMark 3D, AccuNest and AccuPlan modules, and offers enhanced 3D capabilities to streamline the design and development process by allowing designers to edit directly in the 3D workspace.

Users will be able to visualise an entire collection in multiple fabric options and colourways while validating style and fit, using the same model, without having to make a single physical sample, according to Gerber.

“After speaking with our customers, we found that they were spending millions of dollars and countless hours making thousands of samples per year,” says Melissa Rogers, senior vice president and general manager for software. “So for this release, we completely enhanced our 3D workflow so that our customers could validate their designs without spending valuable time and money making physical samples, for a truly streamlined and efficient workflow.”

Gerber adds the AccuMark February 2020 release will “help exceed consumers expectations of speed, sustainability, and quality by decreasing lead time from three weeks to 48 hours while reducing material waste by as much as 40%.”

It will also empower on-demand manufacturing with improved digital printing capabilities and true-to-life virtual samples, making ideas production ready 60% faster than manual processes, the company claims.