Giotex has partnered with Dutch fibre solutions firm The Movement to develop a fully traceable recycled cotton blended yarn.

Giotex claims to be the largest certified recycler of textile waste-to-yarn in North and South America. The firm recovers fibre from post-industrial and post-consumer textiles and spins a full range of dyed cotton blends for leading mills and brands.

The Movement, meanwhile, offers innovative branded sustainable fibre and yarn solutions for the textile industry, including its new Aware technology that uses tracer particles and blockchain to guarantee that the recycled cotton that enters the supply chain is the same that comes out as apparel. 

The partnership will see Giotex begin to sell recycled cotton blended yarn embedded with the Aware tracer particles this month in a move that means brands and retailers from the US, producing their products locally, can now also benefit from 100% traceable recycled cotton yarn. 

“Today, nothing is more important to manufacturing than sustainable practices and radical transparency. Aware has joined advanced tagging technology to blockchain transparency. We simply had to be included in The Movement,” says Steven Usdan, co-founder of Giotex.

Feico van der Veen, founder of The Movement, adds: “We believe that genuine traceable recycled cotton yarn should be available from all important production areas in the world, to avoid unneeded shipments of materials.”

The company already has licensed spinners in Europe and Asia, including Bangladesh fibre company Simco Spinning & Textile

Launched earlier this summer, Aware technology could help establish more trust in the textile industry by offering validation, transparency, and verification, according to The Movement.