Swedish fashion retailer H&M has launched a range of men’s layering pieces that use lightweight technology for warmth.

The Heat Up Tech collection uses Thermolite, which uses hollow fibres that trap warm air, creating an insulating layer. The hollow fibres allow for a lightweight fabric that cuts out all the bulk.

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do with menswear at H&M,” says Ross Lydon, head of menswear design at H&M. “Heat Up Tech with Thermolite uses new technology for true functionality as well as that essential utilitarian look.”

Heat Up Tech with Thermolite will be available at H&M stores worldwide, as well as at hm.com, from 12 November. The range includes a pile zip-up vest in either off-white or olive green with a nylon chest pocket and neck trim, and a pile zip-up jacket, and pile half-zip jacket, all with a turtleneck.

Also in the range are fleece jackets, half-zip sweaters, tapered leg joggers in cotton, thermal crewneck T-shirts, both long and short sleeve, and long johns.