The ISKO 2023 Collection Vol 1 is said to combine the brand’s responsible innovation approach to sustainable production and pioneering technologies to meet the market’s needs by providing fashion, comfort, versatility and responsibility in each of its fabrics.

The entire collection is “engineered for nature” using Isko’s recently launched R-TWO50+ technology – a process that creates high-quality denim that is less harmful to the natural worldm, according to the firm.

R-TWO50+ fabrics are made with a minimum of 50% pre- and post-consumer recycled blend that is entirely Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. This results in less use of natural resources and a reduced carbon and water footprint of up to 45% and 65% respectively, Isko says.

The company has also incorporated hemp into the collection as a sustainably viable alternative to cotton. Hemp requires much less water, no pesticides and grows quickly in almost any type of soil. New spinning techniques are also said to give the fibre a softer feel.

The collection also gives prominence to colour groups. Isko Black delivers various shades of black with different elasticity and aspect options, while Isko EFD, or ‘Eco For Dye’, is a sustainable approach to producing ecru fabric. This technology shortens the production process and is said to save on water usage. The result is an ecru-coloured base that can be used as-is for a natural look or can also be dyed to any colour.

Earlier this year, Isko introduced a patented garment manufacturing solution designed to improve everyday living and physical wellness through the benefits of woven compression.