Lane Eight footwear is crafted with natural materials such as eucalyptus (Tencel) and algae (Bloom), and recycled materials or the best available alternatives to combat the usual impact material extraction and processing has for a pair of shoes.

As a part of this mission, the brand has partnered with Carbonfact, a company dedicated to decarbonising the fashion industry by assessing the environmental impact of products, regularly measuring their carbon impact, and sharing their progress with all industries and communities to encourage them to do the same. 

“Carbonfact’s methodology follows the ‘Product Environmental Footprint Pilots’ developed by the European commission. We aim to be a part of developing comprehensive standards for the sportswear industry,” says Lane Eight co-founder, Josh Shorrock. “While we recognise that it is virtually impossible today to create a performance shoe that is carbon neutral, we strive to continually reduce our footprint until we arrive at a global net zero.”

Working together with Carbonfact, the brand has calculated the carbon footprint of its Trainer AD 1 and the HIIT Trainer sneakers. It says the calculations took into account materials, production, logistics, product usage, and product disposal at end-of-life. Lane Eight claims the results show its shoes have a reduced carbon footprint of between 28-38% lower than comparable footwear.

“Our goal as a brand has always been to create a shoe that is not only easily accessible to an everyday consumer but also disrupts the current industry’s standards for what is deemed eco-conscious,” Shorrock adds. “We are constantly striving to push our standards and develop innovations that ensure that we provide a quality product while utilising innovative processes to lower our impact as much as possible.”

Packaging is also taken into consideration, with the brand utilising post-consumer recycled paper for packaging and decreasing the amount of packaging used by removing non-essential packing materials. Additionally, the brand has introduced water-soluble and biodegradable shipping bags to further lower its impact.