Leather Working Group (LWG) has announced a new membership milestone, with over 1,000 leather manufacturers achieving LWG certification and becoming part of the global LWG community. As of July, a total of 1,040 sites have been audited by an LWG-approved auditor and awarded one of four ratings (audited, bronze, silver, or gold) by complying with the requirements of the LWG global audit standard.

Christina Trautmann, head of Leather Working Group, says: “Our membership has been growing rapidly over the past couple of years, and in fact, we only reached 1,000 members across all sectors back in 2020. It’s great to see so many more leather manufacturers getting involved and joining our community, as it is crucial for making the goal of a fully responsible leather supply chain a reality. This collective of companies working together will drive positive action at scale and amplify our impact.”

LWG has seen an increase in the level of engagement and collaboration across all membership sectors, including leather manufacturers, leather traders, subcontractors, commissioning manufacturers, brands and retailers, suppliers, and NGOs.

Last month, LWG published the latest update to the Leather Manufacturer Audit Protocol, Version 7.2.2 (also known as P7.2.2). As announced at the most recent virtual LWG Member Meeting in April, Version 7.3 is planned to be published later this year including changes related to the traceability requirements of the LWG audit.

While earlier this year, LWG joined forces with Leather Naturally in a move aimed at more clearly defining what sustainable leather is and where it can be sourced from.