3D body scanning tech specialist NetVirta is to release what it claims is the world’s first consumer-facing 3D scanning app with close-to-medical precision next month, in a bid to solve the fashion industry’s fit problem.

NetVirta is expanding its technology to the apparel and footwear markets to help brands reduce online returns, increase conversions, and hyper-personalise the consumer shopping experience.

Its Verifyt solution enables at-home consumers to create and share precision 3D models of themselves with brands to receive personalised size recommendations. 

Developed by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), NetVirta’s inaugural scanning app, CurveCapture, entered the medical market in 2013 and achieved FDA Class II clearance and remains the world’s only FDA cleared smartphone technology for 3D body shape scanning today, the firm says.

Aside from the medical industry, NetVirta also enables the sports equipment industry to provide custom-fit gear to athletes, including NFL players.

“We strive to help the fashion industry with our proven technology platform,” says Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of NetVirta. “After two years of tireless iteration to perfect our solution, with guidance from several fashion brands, we are ready to offer our solution to the industry at large.”

For ready-to-wear brands, the Verifyt app and size recommendation engine ensures customers need only ship one size. This can help prevent bracketing, a growing practice in fashion wherein consumers ship themselves multiple sizes and return those that don’t fit, which is unsustainable from a cost and waste perspective, NetVirta says.

Meanwhile, the firm adds Verifyt will enable custom-fit brands to reach new customers as, with access to a smartphone the only requirement, consumers worldwide can use the app to capture and share their measurements.

From an online shoppers’ perspective, once a consumer 3D scans themselves, they will be able to shop with size recommendations at every brand powered by NetVirta technology.

The Verifyt solution will be available on iOS and Android devices and will not require the depth camera, which is only available on the latest smartphone models.