South Korean fibre giant Hyosung has unveiled a new high-performance Creora spandex stretch fibre designed for multi-sport apparel for endurance sports enthusiasts and to help bridge the gap between fashion and function. 

ActiFit, which will launch at next week’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show in Denver, Colorado provides long-lasting durability, UV and chlorine resistance, and superior recovery for cycling, swimming, triathlon and adventure racing apparel, Hyosung says. 

“The last thing an endurance athlete or outdoor enthusiast wants to worry about is if their gear is going to hold up in a race, or even over time,” explains Mike Simko, Hyosung global marketing director of textiles. “Multi-sport apparel made with Creora ActiFit spandex will give athletes the confidence they need to focus on their sport and not be bothered by what they are wearing.”

The company points out that there used to be clear lines between ready-to-wear, sportswear and outdoor wear – but these boundaries no longer exist since today’s consumers want both fashion and function.

“This trend leads outdoor brands to make fashionable outerwear designed for commuters and fashion brands to add function to daily wear – and even luxury-fashion apparel. It also led Hyosung to create its new Creora ActiFit spandex.”