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New Nilit nylon said to break down more rapidly

By Patrick Scott 26 Apr 2021

Israel based nylon 6.6 manufacturer Nilit has introduced a new fibre that is said to break down more rapidly than conventional nylon, and could help reduce the accumulation of textile waste in sea water and in landfills.

The new Sensil BioCare is the latest addition to the Sensil portfolio of responsibly manufactured nylon products, and has been designed “to help reduce the potential impact of synthetic fabrics on the earth’s ecosystems,” says Ilan Melamed, Nilit general manager. 

The fibre features a built-in technology to help it break down, and tests conducted by an independent lab in both landfill soil and sea water simulations are said to have shown “remarkable” disintegration in comparison to regular nylon fibre.

The special technology will not wear or wash out nor will it interfere with other performance additives, finishes, or dyes, Nilit says. In addition, the resulting fabrics are long-lasting while also very soft.