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The hazards of ignorance in cotton supply chains

Brands that source cotton had better know where it comes from and also where it’s going.

Leonie’s leaving – a farewell from the editor

A goodbye message from Leonie Barrie-Abraham after 21 wonderful years at Just Style

New sourcing service builds sustainable cotton supply chain

The company connects manufacturers and brands with best-in-class cotton farmers around the world to build a trusted and responsible supply chain.

Withdrawal of UK Covid-19 support measures – what next?

7 steps UK directors should be taking or considering to navigate the Covid storms.

New ‘Made in USA’ labelling rule to tackle false claims

The Federal Trade Commission has finalised a new rule that will crack down on false claims that products are Made in the USA. 

​Digital tools help brands align strategy and sustainability

Analytics and digitalisation are allowing brands to align their retail strategies to more sustainable business plans.

Simple changes can boost buyer sustainability performance

New research from Better Buying finds low-cost adjustments to purchasing practices can make a big difference to sustainability performance.

Better Buying gears up for key analysis of pandemic purchasing practices

The 2021 Garment Sector Scorecard will track progress and declines in performance from year to year.

When does supplier transparency really benefit apparel brands?

Game theory has helped determine under which circumstances it is beneficial to publish approved supplier lists and/or blacklisted suppliers.

Digital colour management in the age of online retail

Digital colour management is helping apparel companies keep pace with e-commerce and increasing demand for speed to market.