DenimFWD has teamed with denim finishing technology specialist Jeanologia on the new Urban Factory which is located in the City of Industry, California.

DenimFWD says it is changing the operating model and bringing back 15$-25% of manufacturing production to the US.

Carlos Arias, CEO at DenimFWD, explains the company is committed to “revolutionary technologies” that allow a 100% sustainable on-demand production close to the consumer, digitalising the whole process and improving the processes and product while also saving costs and speeding up time-to-market.

“With this Urban Factory the consumer will decide to buy a product and that product will be finished in that moment and delivered that same day, eliminating stock,” he says.

DenimFWD’s Urban Factory can produce up to 5,000 jeans and 4,000 T-shirts a day sustainably and efficiently, the company says, thanks to the integration of Jeanologia hardware and software.

Among the main Jeanologia technologies used by Urban Factory are laser, G2 Ozone, e-Flow, SmartBox, ColorBox, EIM (software for measuring environmental impact), and H2Zero (the first water treatment and recycling system said to produce zero discharge without extra costs).

“We are convinced that a new production model is possible, that’s why we have joined forces with companies from our industry such as DenimFWD that share our values and objectives like Mission Zero, to eliminate 100% of discharge and pollution from jeans in all the world,” Enrique Silla, CEO at Jeanologia, says.

“Urban Factory is the culmination of work carried out during the last few years and our contribution to the jeans industry to turn it into a case study that can be translated to the rest of garments manufacturing, starting a new era with a completely sustainable and digital production.”

Urban Factory will have the first active Handman in the United States, allowing production automation with robots and humans to achieve agile, clean, and scalable production, DenimFWD says.