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Nextiles develops software kit for improved analytics access

21 Jul 2021

Nextiles has developed a software development kit (SDK) that will enable any existing application to access the company’s software platform and leverage its human movement analytics to build custom algorithms and partner-specific metrics.

Nextiles develops software kit for improved analytics access

Through its patent-protected manufacturing process, the textiles manufacturing start-up’s smart fabrics allow for complete biomechanic and biometric sensing. Industries such as sleep, sports and performance, and fitness can now partner with Nextiles to capture human movement data via bluetooth, and create proprietary machine learning algorithms to augment their own existing platforms.

Nextiles was founded in 2018 by George Sun, a computer scientist and electrical engineer. Sun compiled a team to reimagine the future of wearable technology by creating a superior form factor through fabric.

Nextiles has developed smart thread technology to capture biometric and biomechanical data through flexible material. It helps partners build custom backends, which produce novel insights from manufactured soft goods.

The fabric is made by blending metallic fibres with traditional fabrics, such as nylon or spandex, to produce pressure, bend, and stretch sensors embedded within garments.

Nextiles is also creating biometric fabric sensors for heart-rate monitoring and chemical analysis such as sweat. When combined with traditional sensors such as accelerometers and other Inertial Measurement Unit (IMUs), Nextiles is able to create a holistic, novel data picture for clients spanning an array of industries.

“Instead of taking a one-app fits all approach, Nextiles is focused on building the most comprehensive data capture platform for human movement,” says Sun. “To do that, we needed to build this SDK, enabling software developers from any company to access our platform through industry-standard APIs. We’ve spent years optimising the material science to build our soft goods offering through our patent protected sewing technology; now, any software developer will be able to access our data analytics with this SDK.”

Once the SDK is integrated into a partner’s app, companies will be able to deploy Nextiles sensors specific to their customers’ needs and in a variety of use cases. By capturing these datasets, partners can build proprietary algorithms for each use case and personalise insights through machine learning. From biomechanics in sports to biometrics such as EMG sensing and heart rate, Nextiles has developed a modular platform and can plug into any existing back-end.

“We have been perfecting our technology with professional athletes for over a year now and have seen heavy demand for our data capture solutions in almost every other industry,” adds John Peters, chief business officer at Nextiles. “We know if this technology can work at the highest levels of sport, we can seamlessly power other data capture experiences in a variety of verticals centred around human movement–sleep, women’s health and connected fitness are all industries we’re finding early success in.

“This SDK product, coupled with our material science and software expertise, offers a holistic solution for our partners to capture, digest, and further build custom algorithms they can own and monetise within their ecosystems.”