Sportswear giant Nike has launched the first women’s collection from its ACG (all-conditions gear) division, with a focus on blending form and function.

The new offering includes the collection’s hallmark piece, the NikeLab ACG 3-in-1 Coat with a Gore-Tex outer shell, the ACG Tech Woven Pant, and the ACG Fleece Crew.

Johanna Schneider, senior design director for Nike sportswear women’s apparel, explains one of the key considerations for the new range was to balance emotion and purpose.

“Often, women’s product is so directional, it’s expressive and it carries a level of emotion,” she says. “We discussed how that is sometimes missing in men’s product, and those conversations opened up a new space for the collection to evolve.”

As a result, colour was introduced to the line with a bold orange for the NikeLab ACG PO Shell and a cool mint for the NikeLab ACG 3-in-1 Coat.

Partner designer Errolson Hugh concurs. “The main thing we were looking at when we designed ACG is the ability to transition between different states,” he says. “The extremes we design from for ACG have to encompass the full range of possibility on the technical side. And on the aesthetic side, we know your outfit is communicating who you are and what you’re about, and that’s equally important for ACG. Those two have to be handled: on the one hand, to blend in and look respectable, and on the other hand feel confident and have the relevant swag.”

The new women’s collection has also been designed with fit and feel in mind. Her take on the trouser sees the waist become the signature detail, with a raised gusset made of softer material that rises up the back against the skin “and calmly locks the body in.”

The collection is available in the US now, in Europe from tomorrow (9 December), and in Japan and China from 15 and 21 December respectively.