The deal between Circular Systems and Nishat Mills, Flagship Company of Nishat Group, will increase production capacity of Circular Systems’ Texloop RCOT Primo recycled cotton and Agraloop BioFibre yarns.

The move marks the first time Circular Systems has formally collaborated with a company in Southeast Asia in a licensing capacity.

Building on Nishat Mills’ robust network of relationships, Circular Systems says it will unlock access to the mass-scale textile market with sustainable materials in the region and expand its customer base significantly. The partnership will also allow Circular Systems to expand its sustainability reach in the region while streamlining its ability to satisfy repeat orders and deliver more competitive pricing.

Nishat Mills, a vertically integrated textile company in Pakistan, with 70 years of experience in yarn, fabric, home furnishing, towels and garments is an approved supplier of major international brands such as H&M.

“Circular Systems’ partnership with Nishat Mills presents a significant opportunity to provide Texloop RCOT Primo and Agraloop BioFibre to major retailers that previously had limited access to the materials required to create truly sustainable collections,” says Isaac Nichelson, CEO and co-founder of Circular Systems.

“We’re excited to introduce our brands to a new market and work with Nishat Mills to expand access to low-impact yarns and materials in the South Asia region. Together, we’ll advance the circular economy and continue our work to reduce environmental harms in the textile industry.”

Circular Systems and Nishat Mills will join forces to deliver innovative sustainable solutions at the beginning of the textile-making process. With the scale of Nishat’s production and reach into the global textile market, the alliance will enable significant reduction in water, chemical and energy usage, and greenhouse gas production (GHG) throughout the textile-making process.

Maqsood Ahmad, executive director of Nishat Mills Ltd, adds: “Nishat Mills has a legacy of providing top-quality textiles and garments to our customers across the world. In this new chapter, we’re thrilled to partner with Circular Systems to introduce circularity to our processes and welcome this partnership as we embrace a more sustainable approach to our production.”