PrimaLoft, Inc.’s latest product innovation, PrimaLoft Utility, boasts a new stride in synthetic insulation technology which includes recycled content, efficient manufacturing processes, and a long-lasting lifespan – contributing to sustainable practices.

The fabric technology company, claims its product is engineered to “excel in even the harshest conditions, it offers an elevated level of quality that stands the test of time.” The technology company attributes this to its structural integrity as well as its durability.

“PrimaLoft Utility represents an advancement in synthetic insulation technology. Its enhanced durability, easy care attributes, and versatility empower users to explore new realms of functionality and usefulness,” said Tara Mauer-Mackay, senior vice president of product strategy at PrimaLoft. “It also enables garments that can last a lifetime, a critical aspect of sustainability that is often under-discussed.”

The company explained that new material adapts, whether used in highly breathable garments or those intended for rugged wear.

Key attributes of PrimaLoft Utility include:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Thermal integrity
  3. Resilience and compression resistance
  4. Abrasion resistance
  5. Easy laundering

Early adopters of this technology include LL Bean and Grizzlyskin. PrimaLoft Utility Insulation is currently featured in LL Bean’s Men’s Bean’s Utility Vest and Men’s Bean’s Utility Hoodie, as well as the Winter Hardshell Jacket from Grizzlyskin, starting in October, with additional brand adoptions expected in the near future.

Private equity firm Victor Capital Partners sold PrimaLoft to Compass Diversified (CODI) for an enterprise value of $530m back in 2022.