Movement GPT is a breakthrough enhancement that enables the autonomous supply chain and delivers on the decades-old promise of such a system.

Project44 is uniquely positioned to deliver Movement GPT due to its vast dataset gathered from tracking one billion shipments representing $1tn in customer inventory across 181 countries, making it the only visibility company to cover all modes and geographies within a single platform.

“For the first time, we are training generative AI models to become experts in supply chain,” said Jett McCandless, Project44 founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to deliver Movement GPT to supply chain professionals to make their work more efficient and enable them to overcome the complexities of today’s supply chains.”

Since its inception, Project44 has been a leader in data science and machine learning, with expertise in neural networks and deep learning technology. The company was quick to realise the transformative power large language models could bring to the supply chain and incorporated the technology into Movement, ensuring top-of-the-line security and following best practices for the responsible use of AI.

Movement GPT enables users to conversationally interact within the platform, allowing them to dynamically identify shipments using natural language, saving time, improving the overall user experience, and training models to become supply chain experts in the process. One of the first capabilities released enables users to identify supply chain risks by conversational interaction with Movement GPT.

For instance, a line of questioning might look like this:

  • Show me all of my shipments impacted by weather in northern Europe
  • What is the value of the inventory of those shipments?
  • Where are those goods destined?
  • Do I have more reliable routing options for my next shipment?

This enhancement brings a highly interactive and natural language interface to supply chain visibility, making it easier for users to access essential information and manage their shipments.

Over the coming months, Project44 will expand Movement GPT with additional capabilities, including the ability to automate tasks and generate analytics and insights.