Ecovative has named sustainable fashion company Reformation as the final new member of its Fashion for Good Cooperative as well as announcing a direct partnership with footwear company Wolverine Worldwide, to collaborate in the testing, development, and commercialisation of custom mycelium materials for use in their products.

Reformation and Wolverine join a roster of world class brands entering collaboration with Ecovative in the Fashion for Good initiated project, including Fashion for Good partners Bestseller, Pangaia, PVH Corp and Vivobarefoot.  

They will draw from Ecovative’s expertise in cutting-edge mycelium materials, in particular its specialised Forager division focused on soft goods for fashion and apparel, providing feedback that will guide the testing and development to replace incumbent materials in products that traditionally use animal leather or plastic.  

Kathleen Talbot, Reformation’s chief sustainability officer and vice president of operations, says: “Since relaunching our Ref Shoes category in 2021, we’ve invested deeply in the next-gen space to find a vegan solution that meets our high product and sustainability standards, without the plastic. Helping test and bring Ecovative’s Forager Hide to market is a critical evolution of this work, and one that we hope will drive forward a holistic sustainability agenda for fashion. We’re energised to unlock a solution that can not only be used in future Reformation collections but be made available to the entire industry.” 

Ecovative has already developed two products for the fashion and footwear industries: Forager Hides, a premium leather-like material, and Forager Foams, for breathable insulation and structural support components, each made with pure mycelium.

Ecovative says all of its products are completely bio-based, free of plastics and toxic chemicals, grown on agricultural byproducts such as woodchips and seed hulls, and fully compostable at the end of a product’s life. Full-size mycelium sheets are grown in sheets up to 24 metres in length and 1.8 metres wide over the course of nine days. These mycelium materials represent viable, sustainable, scalable alternatives to the fashion and apparel industries’ unsustainable status quo, the firm adds.

Gavin McIntyre, Ecovative’s co-founder and chief commercial officer, adds: “Both companies represent an immense amount of market knowledge, a diverse family of products, and expertise in complex supply chains that will be crucial to applying our mycelium materials for maximum impact. Together we are taking a big step towards transforming these industries for the better.”