Leading Romanian apparel manufacturer Romanita is implementing Lectra‘s Modaris pattern making, grading and prototyping solution in a bid to optimise its product development process.

Romanita is a family-run business that produces clothes for international brands including H&M, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, and Primark. It employs around 800 and boasts one of the largest and most technically advanced clothing factories in the country.

As the Romanian group sets its sights on attracting more international customers, CEO Iuliana Tihon Dinoiu says that finding better ways to work will be crucial. “If you want to have a future in this business, you have to invest in technology.

“Our customers are working on a fast-fashion schedule; orders have to be processed as soon as they come in, without errors, and quickly. Technical problems in the cutting room need to be solved right away because any delay in the process costs us credibility if we can’t deliver when we say we will.”

As such, Romanita is currently replacing its existing CAD solutions with Lectra’s pattern making software Modaris, which will allow them to speed up their product development process.

Previously, the company had installed two Brio spreading machines and two Vector cutting machines at its production facility. The new technology has allowed them to cut larger volumes of fabric accurately in a shorter amount of time, with fewer quality issues and errors, so that less time was lost to time-consuming re-dos. The machines also reduced the number of personnel required to do menial tasks in the cutting room, which meant they were available to perform more added-value tasks elsewhere.

Romanita has also begun using Lectra’s marker-making software, Diamino, to generate markers that made the most efficient use of fabric, attacking waste in pre-production before orders even hit the cutting-room floor.