Circular fashion movement Fashion Positive has named former Gap Inc senior manager, Sasha Radovich, as its new executive director.

Fashion Positive, which began as an initiative of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, is a non-profit that leads the vision, definition, and use of safe and circular materials for the fashion industry.

Now in its sixth year, Fashion Positive is developing the first framework that defines the requirements for circular materials in the textile industry. All requirements in the framework are connected to existing and globally-used verifications standards.

The organisation says Radovich will help Fashion Positive maximise its strategy to support fashion brands and manufacturers in reaching their Sustainable Development Goals and Science Basted Targets. Specifically, she will help the industry make progress in the reduction of landfill waste, resource usage, CO2 and GHG emissions.

According to LinkedIn, Radovich previously served as director of Gap Inc’s Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement (PACE) programme, which was initially created to support women in the global apparel industry.

She also served as senior manager of global and strategic partnerships for the apparel retailer and prior to that, as its senior manager of sustainable innovation.