Save Your Wardrobe says the funding allows the business to continue to drive positive change in the fashion industry with an increased European expansion and improvements to its product and technology.

Since its founding in 2017, Save Your Wardrobe has set out to drive a systemic change in the fashion industry with its circular platform that offers users access to a full range of aftercare services to not only alter and repair but also eco-clean, customise and upcycle their clothes. This allows users to extend the life of their garments whilst supporting local tailors, cleaners, and craftspeople in a bid to close the fashion loop.

Save Your Wardrobe also uses Artificial Intelligence, allowing garments to be easily scanned, identified and stored in users’ virtual wardrobes. This makes it easy to curate outfits and prevent cluttering wardrobes with duplicate items, it says.

Founder and CEO, Hasna Kourda grew up in Tunisia, North Africa where sustainable practices like caring, reusing and repurposing garments were common practice. Upon witnessing the excessive levels of consumption and rise of fast fashion in Europe, she was inspired to create a solution to encourage consumers to make better decisions when it came to their wardrobes.

“Technology is at the forefront of our business and this investment allows us to really deliver on our mission to be pioneers in the circular fashion movement, with the most innovative technology to eradicate throw-away culture,” she says.

The $3m seed funding will allow the UK-based tech start-up to expand across the European market with a focus on business in the UK, Germany, and France. It will also contribute to growing the business’ product and technology teams and scale up its B2B offering, having already secured a partnership with German e-tailer Zalando.

Berlin-based Zalando collaborated with Save your Wardrobe launching a Care and Repair initiative, to help meet its target of extending the life of 50m garments by 2023. To support it in achieving this goal, Save Your Wardrobe built a custom Care and Repair solution to facilitate connecting Zalando’s customers with a network of aftercare specialists, across Berlin.

Save Your Wardrobe says the collaboration enabled it to showcase how, through the recalibration of its technology, it is able to service both B2C and B2B functionality, offering insight, and facilitating more mindful consumption.