New York-based apparel and accessories firm Tapestry is deploying new software to drive better personalisation and customer experiences.

Tapestry will leverage Amperity’s AmpID, Amp360, AmpIQ products to generate comprehensive customer profiles that will serve as the basis for predictive analytics and improve every interaction with its customers.

“Key principles of Tapestry’s Acceleration Program are leveraging new capabilities and data, simplifying ways of working, and sharpening our focus on our customers,” says Noam Paransky, chief digital officer at Tapestry. “Our ability to combine data from various sources and create a comprehensive and unified view of our customers is another step in Tapestry’s strategy to be an enabling platform that enhances opportunities for our brands.”

AmpID is a complete first-party identity product with transparency and flexibility in the identity management category. Amp360 is a modern Customer 360 that gives every team across the enterprise real-time access to the customer data they need, while AmpIQ is a brand new point-and-click marketer hub for customer intelligence and omni-channel activation that drives ROI gains.

“Luxury fashion is contending with sweeping and fundamental change,” adds Kabir Shahani, CEO at Amperity. “Companies like Tapestry are responding with meaningful investments in the customer data that can help them stay ahead of these changes. Amperity’s enterprise CDP platform was purpose-built for large consumer brands like Tapestry that manage millions of customer interactions across multiple properties and geographies.”

Amperity recently launched a new 3.0 version of its platform, featuring three distinct products that mirror how large enterprises approach the problem of customer data today.