Top stories this week on just-style include a look at the ten worst countries in the world for worker rights, how apparel firms must move towards “responsible automation”, why knowing who makes up your supply chain is a vital first step to tackling sustainability, and NIKE‘s appointment of company veteran Noel Kinder as sustainability chief.

The world’s 10 worst countries for workers

An annual survey of violations of human and trade union rights ranks key apparel-producing nations including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, Guatemala, the Philippines and Turkey among the ten worst countries in the world for worker rights.

Why apparel firms must plan for “responsible automation”

As digitisation, connectivity, robotics and artificial intelligence start to make inroads into apparel production, now is the time for the industry to move towards  “responsible automation” – where workers are trained and supported so they have the skills for the future.

Nike’s new digital connections drive speed and efficiency

US sporting goods giant Nike expects to accelerate its efforts to leverage data and analytics to inform design and capabilities during the current fiscal year – and ultimately drive speed and efficiency throughout its supply chain.

Knowing your supply chain is the first step to sustainability

With most of the environmental impact of an apparel brand or retailer’s business embedded in its supply chain, knowing and understanding exactly who’s on the list is a vital first step to tackling sustainability.

Nike promotes Kinder to sustainability chief

US sporting goods giant Nike has named company veteran Noel Kinder as its new chief sustainability officer, succeeding Hannah Jones.