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Top stories this week on Just Style…

23 Jul 2021

A look at the impact of looting in South Africa for the apparel sector, the potential of Tunisia as a workwear sourcing hub, American textiles revolution, and how fashion brands can make jeans fit for a circular economy.

Here are the top stories on Just Style this week:

Looting impacts clothing stores and apparel sector in South Africa
Widespread looting in two of the most populous provinces in South Africa last week caused significant damage to around 1,000 clothing stores and has impacted sourcing as well as the apparel sector and textile manufacturing.

Tunisian workwear manufacturers invite Brits to visit
Tunisian workwear manufacturers are actively encouraging British brands to visit a key North African sourcing hub to discover the quality and real potential of its workwear.

From field to shelf – an Independence Day for American textiles
Is it time to take a fresh look at American textiles? From its long history to where it is today, explore the textiles professionals who are successfully producing apparel on US shores.

How fashion brands can make jeans fit for a circular economy
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has published a new report that reveals it is possible for fashion and apparel brands to make jeans fit for today’s circular economy. ‘The Jeans Redesign: Insights from the first two years’ reveals the barriers, solutions and innovation gaps faced by the 72 brands, retailers, garment manufacturers, fabric mills and laundries signed up to The Jeans Redesign’s common guidelines and definitions.

US clothing sales rise in June as recovery continues
US retail sales saw solid growth during June, increasing in most categories on a monthly basis and across the board on a yearly basis, with demand for apparel continuing to rise as the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic continues.