Top stories this week on just-style include an interview with Carol Shu, senior manager of global sustainability at The North Face, on the benefits of regenerative farming in its cotton supply chain. We also take a look at what to do when black swan events such as the Suez Canal disruption hit supply chains built on just-in-time predictability, record sales at Primark as stores across England and Wales reopen, and Lululemon’s first re-commerce programme.

The North Face sees regenerative cotton as biggest opportunity
The North Face is waking up to the practice of regenerative farming in its cotton supply chain. As Carol Shu, senior manager of global sustainability, explains, it not only has a positive impact on nature and resources, but is another critical step in addressing climate change impacts.

From Field to Shelf – A boat got stuck and other calamities
A boat blocked the Suez Canal. Global trade ground to a halt. Accidents will happen; that’s nothing new. But the Suez Canal disruption had a ripple effect throughout global supply chains. And perhaps that’s the point, says industry consultant Robert Antoshak: What to do when the unpredictable disrupts supply chains built on just-in-time predictability?

Fashion Revolution urges “radical shift” in relationships
Global campaign group Fashion Revolution is calling on the industry and governments to recognise the interconnection between human rights and the rights of nature as part of its annual global campaign.

Primark hails record sales as stores in England and Wales reopen
Primark parent company Associated British Foods (ABF) has announced it will repay the GBP121m (US$168.91m) for which it was eligible under government job retention schemes and says stores in England and Wales have delivered record sales in the first week after reopening.

Lululemon enters re-commerce market with Like New
Canadian athletic apparel retailer Lululemon Athletica is launching it’s first re-commerce programme, in addition to a limited-edition collection made with earth-friendly dyes.