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Pangaia, Vivobarefoot, Ecovative to research mycelium in fashion
Pangaia and Vivobarefoot are to partner with Ecovative to develop custom mycelium materials for use in their respective footwear and fashion products.

Behind Shein: China’s fashion retailer taking the world by storm
China’s fast fashion cross-border e-commerce retailer Shein is little known within the country itself but its profile overseas continues to rise. Just Style investigates the secret behind its success amidst a landscape of US-China tariffs and supply chain challenges.

Which countries are supporting Russia’s clothing supply chains
Russia’s clothing supply chains are suffering due to the sanctions imposed following its government’s invasion of Ukraine, however, the sector’s close links to a number of key sourcing countries are likely to reduce the impact.

Covid two years on: The apparel industry’s ten biggest lessons
What were the greatest lessons the industry learned from the pandemic, and what opportunities has it presented? Supply chain vulnerability, partner-based relationships, and a multi-channel offering are all among the biggest takeaways from the last two years.

How can the ‘Made in the USA’ apparel market reach its full potential?
There is growing demand for “Made in the USA” apparel products with US fashion companies exploring domestic sourcing opportunities due to the pandemic and the shipping crisis. Associate professor Dr Sheng Lu and research assistant Anna Matteson at the University of Delaware reveal the bottlenecks that are preventing “Made in the USA” sourcing from reaching its full potential.