Here are the top stories on Just Style this week:

EU due diligence legislation: What will it mean for apparel brands, retailers
Policymakers and industry stakeholders explore how the EU Commission’s proposed due diligence legislation will impact fashion brands and retailers.

EXPERT OPINION: The flaws of fashion’s basic cost sheet
Apparel industry consultant David Birnbaum shares his analytical approach to the fashion industry’s basic cost sheet and reveals how to create a better one.

ANALYSIS: How will the US notice for China 301 tariffs review affect apparel?
As the US Trade Representative issues notice for the statutory process leading up to the four-year anniversary of the Section 301 tariff actions against China, the US apparel industry tells Just style what it could mean for apparel.

H&M Group to trace 200m garments with TextileGenesis
Swedish fashion retailer H&M Group plans to trace more than 200m garments by the end of 2022 as it expands its collaboration with blockchain platform TextileGenesis.

Greenpeace report: Clothing sent to East Africa is mostly waste 
A Greenpeace report claims that the circularity promoted by global fashion brands is ‘still a myth’ and that most of the clothing sent to East Africa is sent straight to landfill.