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Key Tweets this week also include Authentic Brand Group’s acquisition of US footwear brand Rockport and Better Cotton’s new partnership set to safeguard Egyptian cotton farmers.

Omnichannel retailer Walmart and Rubi Labs, a company specialising in carbon capture and conversion technology, are collaborating to pilot an advanced carbon capture process.

The alliance between Walmart and Rubi Labs aims to explore the transformation of captured carbon emissions from manufacturing waste streams into textiles, a move that aligns with Walmart‘s sustainability goals and presents an opportunity for cost-effective, eco-friendly apparel, and other products made from carbon emissions.

GloblaData apparel analyst Louise Deglise-Favre says Kering’s ongoing struggle with Gucci could be motivation for it to take full ownership of the “successful” Valentino brand.

She explains it is still uncertain if Kering plans to fully acquire Valentino in the next five years, but she says: “This partial acquisition by Kering is a good strategic move given Valentino’s high desirability among consumers.”

“Kering will be able to capitalise on Valentino’s success while further strengthening its position as a luxury conglomerate.”

Authentic Brands Group (Authentic), the global brand development, marketing, and entertainment platform, has secured approval for the acquisition of Rockport, a US footwear brand.

Rockport filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in the District of Delaware last month, for the second time in five years, the first dating back to May 2018, with its owners saying the filing would allow it to review and restructure its assets for the benefit of all stakeholders and to better position the brand for future growth opportunities.

Authentic’s purchase, approved by the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware expands its “diverse footwear portfolio”, it says, with a “trusted brand”.

Better Cotton and Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) have partnered to preserve Egyptian cotton farming practices and ensure a sustainable future for the industry.

With climate change, water scarcity and fluctuating market demands, the sustainability of Egyptian cotton farming is under threat. The partnership between Better Cotton and CEA aims to propel sustainable Egyptian cotton farming practices and ensure fair working conditions for farmers.