Volumental’s technology helps the world’s top footwear retailers and brands solve fit, improve customer experiences, and transform data into fuel for profitable growth.

FitTech, a mobile application, is powered by a computer vision-backed 3D foot measurement solution paired with Volumental’s foot measurement and purchase data from over 10 million shoppers.

Shoppers create smart foot profiles by capturing measurements with their mobile devices. Their unique foot shape is then compared with purchase data and measurements from millions of other customers to provide personalized recommendations, accounting for nearly a dozen critical measurements including length, width, arch height, forefoot height, heel width and more.

“The e-commerce footwear shopping model is broken. There are too many returns, too many purchases of the same shoes in different sizes. It’s wasteful,” said Alper Aydemir, CEO and co-founder of Volumental. “No one understands foot shapes and what-fits-who as well as we do. We’re really excited to bring a mobile application to market that on the front end is highly intuitive and leaves customers happy, and on the back end completes a one-stop omnichannel solution for retailers to have an interconnected view of their customers.”

The recommendation algorithm becomes smarter and more accurate with each scan and purchase decision a user makes, taking into account preferences such as tighter or looser fitting footwear. Consumers can now confidently shop for shoes online knowing footwear choices will fit before they even arrive. This data unlocks the type of personalization that helps deliver on the promise of omnichannel retail, providing each customer an individualized browsing experience based on their own foot profile and preferences.

Beyond the direct financial cost, retailers must consider the impact returns have on customers, their brand’s reputation, and environmental factors, says Volumental. Only 3% of respondents in Incisiv’s Retail Returns survey believe current return rates are optimal, with 97% seeing an opportunity to reduce return rates by nearly one-third; about 3% of annual revenue. For retailers with $100m in annual sales, this represents an opportunity for $3m in additional revenue.