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YKK prepares new Environmental Vision

By Giacomo Lee 11 Jul 2019 (Last Updated July 11th, 2019 11:58)

Japanese fastener business YKK is preparing a new ‘Environmental Vision’ to be launched in 2021 to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and curb water use.

The ‘Environmental Vision 2050’ will bring together a number of views, including the ideas and opinions of the employees, and will see the establishment of environmental principles/goals at each YKK company throughout next year. These will be rolled out at individual company level by establishing environmental principles and numerical targets locally.

Among the long-term initiatives will be a reduction in CO2 emissions, sustainable use of water, and recycling waste materials generated throughout the life cycle of its products.

The firm has already developed a number of sustainable trims that are aimed at reducing carbon emissions, toxic chemicals and water use.

Its latest collection features the Natulon zipper, made from PET bottles, old fibre and other polyester remnants, and  its GreenRise zipper, which replaces polyester made from conventional fossil fuels with plant-based plastic derived from molasses.