The ZDHC Foundation has released the CMS Technical Industry Guide in a move aimed at harmonising expectations across brands, and supporting suppliers with the implementation of sustainable chemical management.

The release completes the ZDHC Chemical Management System (CMS). Its first part was released last year in May, the CMS Framework, outlining the minimum requirements of a CMS. With this second document, the CMS Guide supports the practical part of implementation of the ZDHC CMS within the supply chain.

A sound sustainable chemical management system reduces impacts on the community, broader environment and protects worker safety, ZDHC says.

“The ZDHC CMS Technical Industry Guide is our effort to provide simplistic, structured and practical guidelines to Manufacturing Facilities to develop their system to manage chemicals to fit their operations and needs, aligned with the ZDHC CMS Framework,” says Prasad Pant, south Asia director, ZDHC.” Brands, as well as auditors, should use the document to harmonise the expectations of a ZDHC CMS and adopt it as the standardised industry approach to facilitate its implementation by suppliers.”

In creating the CMS Technical Industry Guide, ZDHC said it aims to harmonise the brands’ expectations towards suppliers. Throughout the development, ZDHC contributors were involved in extensive reviews to address their needs and incorporate feedback.

The Guide provides the basis for suppliers to tailor and implement their sustainable chemical management plans to meet the harmonised expectations, whether tanneries, dye-houses, mills, printers or footwear assembly units, or another kind of facility.

As usual, ZDHC will facilitate the roll-out of the Guide within its community. 

Approved training providers will offer in-depth training at the ZDHC Academy, the global online training platform for sustainable chemical management. Planned for the third quarter of this year, the training schedule will be announced closer to date.

The week following the release, ZDHC expects to host the first public webinars to introduce the ZDHC CMS Technical Industry Guide via its event page.