Apparel brands, retailers and manufacturing partners are increasingly adopting and integrating innovative digital technologies across the entire value chain, from product planning, design and development to order execution and selling, to enhance operational efficiency and remain agile, relevant and successful in the business.

With consumers becoming more concerned and conscious about how they look in public and on social media, the global apparel market is poised to grow by more than 5% a year to reach $2.5 trillion by 2026, according to GlobalData’s estimates.

Finding the best software solutions for digital transformation in fashion retail

Just Style has listed some of the leading digital transformation software solutions providers and service specialists for fashion brands and manufacturers based on its intel, insights and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes providers of cost-effective and smart fashion supply chain software solutions to improve speed to market and drive efficiency, profitability and sustainability by optimising and accelerating the entire lifecycle of product development, costing, sourcing, planning and order execution.

The list also includes companies providing software as a service (SaaS)-integrated solutions for fashion brands and retailers to create better supply chain planning and execution, attract new customers, enhance brand loyalty and customer service, generate improved product strategies, and drive measurable and sustainable improvements in operational and financial performance.

The information contained within the download document is useful for fashion designers, merchandisers, garment production managers, apparel industry executives, store managers and any other individual involved in apparel design, production, packaging, marketing, wholesale distribution and retailing.

The download contains detailed information on software solutions and service providers for digital transformation in the apparel industry and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

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Types of software solutions for digital transformation in the fashion industry

Some of the software tools and platforms used to drive digital transformation in the fashion industry include:

  • Cloud-based apparel enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
  • Industry-specific garment product lifecycle management (PLM) software
  • Customised electronic data interchange (EDI) software
  • Web-based vendor management solutions
  • Shop floor control (SFC) software
  • Automatic fabric analysis solutions
  • Fashion supply chain quality management software
  • 3D clothing design, virtual sampling and fit analysis software
  • Garment digital twin software solutions, and
  • Data-based predictive analytics and reporting tools for fashion market insights and trend forecasting

Covid-19 has led to exponential growth in fashion e-commerce and accelerated the digital transformation trend in the industry. From 3D-rendered designs to data-based trend forecasting, adopting digital technologies across the value chain has become imperative for apparel companies to maintain brand reputation and future-proof their business.

Leading apparel brands and retailers are increasingly investing in digital solutions such as blockchain analysis software, 3D visualisation tools, digital showcasing, virtual assistants and digital fitting rooms to synchronise and streamline their supply chain operations, roll out more effective e-commerce strategies, and tailor improved and more personalised shopping experience for both online and in-store customers.