Following the Covid-19 outbreak, many retailers used the Internet of Things (IoT) to capitalise on the shift to online shopping. The pandemic accelerated the rollout of interactive web pages, apps, and new creative product launches to maintain customer interest and improve retention.

The adoption of IoT in retail has taken place in a myriad of ways. For example, IoT has enabled virtual group workouts from home using innovative tech from brands such as Lululemon and Peloton. Athleisurewear brand Lululemon acquired fitness tech start-up Mirror in 2020. Mirror’s technology creates a fitness magic mirror, giving users the ability to follow workout plans with a real-time personal trainer. Similarly, fitness equipment retailer Pelaton launched a range of products with live-streamed instructors.

Leading apparel companies in IoT

Ambient commerce offers consumers the promise of a new way to shop. It strategically combines the physical space associated with traditional retail with technology. The innovative tech may be the push needed to increase footfall. It can give typical shopping experiences a digital twist, which customers are likely to appreciate following prolonged exposure to e-commerce because of the pandemic.

Following the pandemic, customer convenience and safety are priorities, and ambient commerce will shift the way brick-and-mortar retailers operate. As ambient commerce provides a contactless way to shop with minimal human interaction, it may be the future of retail.

Leading adopters of IoT in retail and apparel are Amazon, Auchan, Costa Coffee, Ikea,, NIKE, REWE, Shufersal, and Zabka.

Discover the leading IoT companies in the apparel industry

Using its experience in the sector, Just Style has listed some of the leading companies providing products and services related to IoT. 

The information provided in the download document is drafted for apparel industry executives and technology leaders involved in IoT solutions. 

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Amongst the leading vendors of IoT in the fashion industry are Authentic or Not, Impinj, Carriotts, Evrythng, Phunware, RetailNext, Qliktag, Trigo, Tuya and Wise Shelf.

Opportunities for IoT in the retail and apparel industry

There is an opportunity for major retail and apparel players to acquire key IoT software to bolster their position in the tech space. Players that invest in IoT to automate checkout, improve e-commerce platforms, personalise discounts, use beacon technology, integrate smart shelving, add robot employees, and optimise supply chain management are likely to thrive.