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Holistic Platform for Seamless Digital Product Creation (DPC)

Discover the transformative capabilities of DMIx by ColorDigital GmbH, seamlessly connecting the physical and digital worlds to improve collaboration, economic, and sustainability in the textile, fashion, and lifestyle industries.


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DMIx by ColorDigital GmbH is a cutting-edge digital platform revolutionizing the textile, fashion, and lifestyle industries by bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms.

Our suite of solutions encompasses colour management, 3D technology, and material digitisation, empowering brands, designers, and suppliers with tools for seamless collaboration, efficient production, and sustainable innovation.

Key offerings include advanced digital twin technology, real-time collaboration capabilities, and hyper-realistic virtual prototyping designed to enhance product development and streamline industrial production processes. As pioneers in ‘phygital’ innovation, DMIx ensures optimised resource use, reduced time to market, and heightened creativity within a digitised ecosystem.

DMIx: More precision in colour. Seamless evaluation of colour aspects with spectral measurements. Perfect for industrial production or visual design tasks.
Optimise your workflow with DMIx 3D technology. Seamless integration with industry applications for efficient processes from conception to creation.
Transform your brand-supplier dynamics with DMIx PaX, revolutionising interactions through real-time insights. Elevate your collaboration.
DMIx StudioAvatars: From photorealistic texturing to realistically rendered images, including AI models, our 3D technology sets a new standard for realism.
Capture your styles and products completely digitally with DMIx 3D-Studio.

Digitisation for business efficiency

In today’s fast-paced and environmentally conscious market, the textile, fashion, and lifestyle sectors are under increasing pressure to innovate, reduce waste, and speed up production timelines.

DMIx by ColorDigital GmbH stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering a comprehensive digital ecosystem that integrates colour management, 3D technology, including material digitisation and hyperrealistic renderings, and unique data management.

The DMIx platform bridges analog gaps in digital product creation (DPC), including the integration of leading industry applications, enabling brands and suppliers to work with digitized materials, set color standards, and leverage Digital Twin technology across the entire product development process through industrial production.

Whether you are a designer, brand manager, or part of the supply chain, leverage digital development with real-time collaboration, seamless data exchange, and hyper-realistic prototypes and virtual models.

This platform not only facilitates a more sustainable approach to design and manufacturing but also significantly enhances the creative and collaborative processes across the supply chain.

Digital twins and prototypes lead the way

At the heart of DMIx’s offerings stands a digital twin technology, which allows for the creation and use of accurate virtual versions of physical materials and products.

This enables designers and product developers to experiment and iterate with unparalleled speed and flexibility, dramatically reducing the need for physical samples and thus minimising waste and environmental impact. By leveraging this technology, brands can achieve a faster time to market and a greater ability to respond to changing consumer trends and demands.

Retail colour accuracy is key

Furthermore, DMIx’s colour management system sets a new standard for accuracy and efficiency. With its comprehensive colour library and advanced tools for spectral colour analysis, DMIx ensures working with digital colour standards, ensuring the highest precision across digital and physical outputs while maintaining consistency and quality. This is particularly crucial in an industry where visual appeal can significantly influence consumer purchasing decisions.

From digital prototypes to virtual marketing images

The platform’s 3D technology capabilities add to the creation of hyper-realistic prototypes and virtual models, enabling brands to visualize products in detail without the need for physical prototyping. This not only saves time and resources but also opens up new possibilities for remote collaboration and presentation. DMIx’s 3D technology supports various applications, from product design and development to marketing and sales, offering an end-to-end solution for digital product creation.

DMIx leads the way in collaboration and system integration

DMIx also prioritises ease of integration, with support for leading industry applications and an interface that connects digital product creation (DPC) processes.

The platform’s modular design allows brands and suppliers to customise their use of DMIx’s tools, adapting the technology to their specific needs and workflows. The ability to interact is key to DMIx’s mission to support the digital transformation of the textile, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

In addition to its technical innovations, DMIx fosters a community of collaboration, connecting brands, designers, suppliers, and manufacturers within its digital ecosystem.

By facilitating seamless data exchange and communication, DMIx enables more effective coordination and cooperation among stakeholders, driving efficiency and innovation throughout the supply chain.

Saving resources with accurate material data and on-screen display

Sustainability is another cornerstone of DMIx’s approach. With accurate color standards and collaboration, DMIx enables the digitalisation of the product development process.

This not only reduces the need for physical samples and prototypes but also enables more informed decisions about materials and production methods. This can lead to more sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly materials and more efficient production techniques, furthering the industry’s progress toward environmental responsibility.

Business success demands interaction and connectivity

In conclusion, DMIx by ColorDigital GmbH is not just a platform but a transformative force in the textile, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Its comprehensive suite of digital solutions and collaboration tools supports brands, designers, and suppliers in their journey toward more efficient, creative, and sustainable practices.

As the industry continues to evolve, DMIx remains committed to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, shaping the future of digital product creation and manufacturing. With a history rooted in pushing the boundaries of digital and physical integration, DMIx is poised to lead the way in the industry’s digital transformation.

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