In celebration of #WorldEnvironmentDay on June 5th, global apparel label manufacturer, ITL – Intelligent Label Solutions, announce they are now Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified and have joined Pack4Good by Canopy.

GOTS and GRS certified

As transparency and traceability of supply chains become an important and necessary part of doing business, ITL are investing in GOTS and GRS to verify the origins of its materials. The manufacturer has recently acquired these certifications for its factories in Sri Lanka and Bangalore with plans in place to further roll out across the group.

Pack4Good and Canopy

“We recognise the impact that paper and paper packaging production has on forests, species and the climate and, therefore, the need to ensure the adoption of environmentally and socially responsible paper and paper packaging sourcing and production,” says Jimmy Christopher, Group Sustainability Officer at ITL.

Christopher says ITL will work in partnership with its strategic supply partners, customers, and Canopy to identify the sources of paper and forward conservation of the world’s critical high carbon value (HCS) and biodiverse (HCV) forest ecosystems.