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Throughout your journey with ITL, we prioritise service, innovation, creativity, and customer insights to craft, manufacture and deliver label products and solutions that seamlessly reflect your brand. Furthermore, our holistic supply chain solutions support your brand from upstream to downstream, in-store and online, improving consumer experiences.

Whether you are a retailer, brand owner, or garment manufacturer, we confidently deliver labelling products and solutions that match your requirements. Our presence in 20 locations worldwide supports a sustainable supply chain, subsequently resulting in low environmental impact and short lead times, allowing us to support brands and supply chains in diverse markets.

For over 35 years, our expertise in the field has ensured that we deliver the best quality labels that cater to your unique requirements.

Design thinking principles

We lead all projects with our brands through a collaborative lens. Our systematic approach focuses on products and solutions aligning with our values and our shared mission, to ‘Create innovative, intelligent and sustainable ways to connect brands with consumers’.

Varied selection of branded labelling options

At ITL, we offer various labelling products that elevate your brand image and effectively communicate vital information about your products. Our product range includes, but is not limited to woven labels, screen-printed labels, heat transfers, care and content labels, swing tickets, packaging, variable data, embellishments, sustainable alternative materials, and RFID tags and labels. Additionally, connected consumer-facing products such as QR codes and NFC and an extensive brand protection range for covert grey market security measures.

Concept and development services

ITL offers a comprehensive range of product guides developed by our technical experts. These guides provide tangible examples of possible products and variations, empowering you to explore and discover various materials and production techniques tailored to your brand, supply chain, and cost requirements. Furthermore, our technical experts collaborate with you from the initial concept to the final delivery, ensuring a seamless process.

Labelview™, our virtual proofing software empowers you to bring your label designs to life with highly detailed and precise digital representations. Providing a range of options during the conceptual stage can streamline the approval process and save valuable time. Our in-house development service also offers 3D representations of your brand tickets with various finishes. With ITL concept and development services, you can confidently visualise your label designs and create stunning results that truly capture your vision.

Sustainability at the core of our business

ITL has innovated products and solutions that provide your brand with impact data that we can share with you for your ESG targets. intelligen™ is our award-winning product solution engineering platform that applies small dimensional changes to our customers’ current label or packaging design to minimise waste and improve the product’s sustainability credentials without impacting cost or performance.

This can be paired alongside recycled materials such as organic cotton, Tencel™, sugarcane and corn paper to low-impact inks and bio-based products. We also provide PET-free inlays for RFID. Our collection allows you to reduce your environmental impact without compromising your product’s performance or aesthetics.

Furthermore, our traceability solution enables SKU-level engagement, transparency, and traceability through QR codes and NFC for consumers to meet regulations. As a business, we are members and affiliates of several key industry bodies and have committed targets that feed into the overarching macro plans, including the SDGs, for which we have undertaken ten principles.

One-stop 360RFID solution

Our complete solution offers everything you need for successful RFID implementation, including inlays, hardware, our software – ReflectRFID, and professional services. With 360RFID, you can streamline your processes and reduce costs, while enhancing item availability, customer experience, and loss prevention. ITL can provide a stress-free and cost-effective RFID solution that will take your business to the next level.

Our RFID products and solutions are expertly designed to support your entire supply chain, from garment production to distribution centres to stores, as well as omnichannel and returns. Experience streamlined business operations and enhanced performance with 360RFID by ITL.

An agile global footprint

Our agile global footprint of 20 locations empowers us to be present where the apparel supply chain requires our services the most. With needlepoint manufacturing and supply, we provide local support and assurance of global supply. Paired with our proprietary supply chain online ordering engine, LabelVantage™, we provide holistic order management, ensuring global variable data accuracy and reliability.

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