concept development

Our range of concept and development services help you develop a label that meets brand expectations, remains affordable and can be produced globally and on time.

Technical product guides

Curated by our technical experts across the world, our comprehensive range of product guides provide tangible examples of every possible product and variation.

Customers can explore and discover a vast variety of materials and production techniques to find options perfectly tailored to their quality, production and cost requirements. These product guides put a wealth of ITL expertise and production knowledge directly into our customer’s hands, even when we can’t be there to guide them.

The incredible variety and scale of these guides mean they can select samples and make faster, more informed decisions about your labelling needs.

Virtual proofing software

The traditional approach to producing woven labels involves creating several designs at concept stage to test fonts, colours, dimensions and weave types and then producing samples for review. That entire process can be time-consuming and create unnecessary waste.

Labelview™ is our virtual proofing software that streamlines the design of woven labels at concept stage. It provides accurate and highly detailed digital representations of the various woven label options; removing the need for physical samples and reducing your approval time from weeks to just a few days.

By eliminating the reliance on physical samples, this innovative tool also drastically reduces the environmental impact of the process. Labelview™ is also the ideal solution when considering a simple range extension. Using previously agreed colours and quality, digital images can be approved instead of weaving physical samples.