The COP26 apparel climate change discussion, which took place at the Textile Apparel Sourcing virtual show revealed what the apparel industry is already doing to tackle climate change as well as what more can be done, both in the short-term and long-term.

Who took part in the COP26 apparel panel discussion?

  • Isabella Todaro who specialises in Carbon Measurement at the non-profit organisation Climate Neutral. 
  • Jennifer Gasque Crumpler who is the Fiber Development Manager at BASF and also hosts the podcast The Modern Cotton Story which focuses on sustainability within the cotton industry. 
  • Mike Simko who is the Global Marketing Director at Hyosung and has a wealth of experience and knowledge within the chemicals, fibres and industrial markets. He has identified and evaluated dozens of new textile fibre and chemical treatment innovations for consideration for acquisition; incorporating several into the company’s portfolio. 

What topics were discussed during the panel discussion?

  • What different companies are doing to tackle climate change in both short term and long term.
  • Whether the wider apparel sector doing enough to tackle climate change. 
  • The biggest challenges and issues facing the apparel industry right now.
  • Where the solutions lie for the apparel sector and the topics and buzz words to keep an eye out for in future.
  • How the apparel and textiles industry can improve the way it tackles climate change.
  • The importance of collaboration both within the apparel sector and outside it.
  • What’s currently working and where there’s still room for improvement.
  • Good examples of sustainable advancements in other industries that can be applied to apparel.
  • Hopes for what the apparel industry can achieve from COP26.
  • Whether legislation is the answer to solving the issues around sustainability. 

Watch the full COP26 apparel and climate change panel discussion by clicking on the video below