adidas, Kering, Lululemon and Stella McCartney have been given exclusive access to use the new Mylo bioengineered leather developed by biotechnology company Bolt Threads.

Made from infinitely renewable mycelium, Mylo looks and feels like leather – and the new brand partners will begin bringing products featuring Mylo to market in 2021. 

“We are thrilled to be working with partners who recognise that we are in a race to develop sustainable solutions to conventional technologies,” says Bolt Threads CEO Dan Widmaier.

Collectively, the companies represent hundreds of millions of square feet of potential demand for Mylo, which resembles soft, supple leather. It can be used like animal or synthetic leather and can take on any colour, finish or emboss, the company claims.

“For too long the industry standard has categorised materials as either natural or highly functional – but not both,” says James Carnes, VP global brand strategy at Adidas. “The way to remedy this is to innovate responsibly with solutions that challenge the status quo, and products that use the best of what nature has spent millions of years perfecting – like Mylo – are critical to that.”

Made from infinitely renewable mycelium – the branching underground structure of mushrooms – Mylo takes less than two weeks to grow, and is said to emit fewer greenhouse gases and use less water and resources than animal leather.